celebrating the glory of mizley
Survivor Series 2007

Survivor Series 2007

The Miz and Alex Riley - With or Without You

that smile makes this life worth living

that smile makes this life worth living

a vid about the positive effect Alex Riley had on The Miz

Why WWE is wasting Alex Riley


It wasn’t long ago that Alex Riley was on NXT. People was stoked to see him wrestle in a ring, some of them became fan of him since he first debuted on NXT. So why is WWE wasting Alex Riley’s potential? It seems that when a wrestler doesn’t agree with another wrestler backstage, they get put in the doghouse. Alex Riley was the victim of this back then, now here he is on Raw pre-shows commentating on the matches and now wrestling. What logic is that? WWE is beyond dumb if they don’t put Alex Riley in a wrestling ring. You won’t find guys like Alex Riley anywhere else, so WWE should take this opportunity and make him wrestle again. WWE it’s common sense, Alex Riley have fans that are dying to see him in a ring.

gosh he’s good-looking *__*

gosh he’s good-looking *__*

It’s plain as day.
The Miz needs Alex Riley and Alex Riley needs The Miz.

ETA: I’m not even saying that as a Mizley fan. I’m saying it as someone with eyes who saw what actually worked!

You don’t understand what I’ve done to get here. I’ve sacrificed everything!

— The Miz (x)

Honestly, I want to see what Hollywood stars are here.

— Alex Riley on what he’s looking forward to at Summerslam


H & L || Human

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"I can dance and play the part
If that’s what you ask
Give you all I am”