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More thoughts on Chill

Let me preface this by saying: I give way too much credit to tptb over at Days. This is an affliction that I can’t seem to shake.

Okay, so I was thinking about Chad and Will (like I often do because they are too good to be true) and it occurred to me that maybe the writers were originally heading in that direction but got side-tracked, only temporarily though. I know there was much speculation that Dylan Patton was replaced by Chandler Massey (current Will) because Patton wasn’t able to handle the material they were going to write for Will. Now, seriously, what has happened on Days of our Lives since Massey came on board that Patton wouldn’t be able to handle? Nothing. So, my theory is they got Massey (who I believe I remember reading a short interview in which he said he’d be willing to play a gay character if that’s what the writers wanted) and they soon realized they couldn’t do a gay storyline with Chad right away because Chad would be disposable. Could this be because they noticed their sublime chemistry or is their chemistry just an awesome coincidence? I can’t be sure. (I do know that EJ and Sami were not supposed to have the kind of chemistry they did either!) So, for the storyline to really have a powerful impact, Chad would have to have a connection to the people of Salem. That’s when they decided to make Chad a DiMera and will revisit the Chill storyline after Chad’s fully embraced his DiMera name. Having said that, Abby is also supposed to come in and be Chad’s love interest. I would say we have about two months with Chad/Abby & Will/Gabi and if we don’t see any push in the Chill direction then unfortunately Days has missed out on one of the most incredible, not to mention timely, stories of its run.

I knew I saw that sparkley-sparkle with Chad and Will and that I liked it but the thought of a Chill storyline hadn’t occurred to me until Glee introduced the Karofsky and Kurt storyline. Once that happened my Chill love came into full force because I suddenly saw all the wonderful possibilities for them. I started to look online to see if anyone else thought the same way I did and was pleasantly surprised to find that there was!

If you take a look at July - November 2010, both on and off the show, it really seems like they were either trying to warm up the audience to a Chill pairing or gauging the audience reaction. First, we have the on screen chemistry coming through full force. Off screen we have Chandler and Casey taking very interesting pictures together. They were always having their arms around each other or well, just being really friendly. Don’t get me wrong, two guys can be friends and that’s great but when you take into consideration what was happening on the show in the same time frame, things start to add up. Then there’s the incredible twitter bromance that was going on. Finally, we have the “famous” Chill shoutout at Mark Hapka & Molly Burnett’s ACME show.

If a Will and Chad pairing doesn’t happen, it’ll be a real shame.

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